Free Demonstration

Demonstrations are available for new families to try out the program for free.  You can register to attend 1 of the regularly scheduled class times at any of our locations during regular class times. In addition, there will be a few scheduled demonstrations in between semesters. Please contact Matt to reserve a space.          

Upcoming Free Demonstrations:

Each semester I offer several free classes to help families learn about the benefits of Music Together®. In keeping with my tradition, I will be offering a few live zoom demos in the coming weeks.  Space is limited to 10 per zoom time, and registration is required.  Below is a list of currently scheduled times/dates, with a link to register for them next to them.  I ask that you only register for 1 class. I want to allow as many families as possible the opportunity to participate and try the program!

If you know anyone who's looking for summer activities for their little ones, my summer classes will begin July 6th. I am hoping to run a class every day, but that depends on enrollment.  With most summer camps and public pools not being open, and most public meetups being restricted, Music Together is an amazing way to sing and dance with the children indoors or outside.  Even the older ones can have fun with it! (I am not charging a sibling fee this semester).

Available Zoom demonstrations:

Thursday June 25th 10am: Registration

Friday June 26th 10am: Registration

Saturday June 27th 10am: Registration


Just as a reminder, summer Music Together classes will be a 30-minute zoom class and a 30-minutes pre-recorded class to use when you want during the week. Daily class size is limited to 10 families.  Classes will also include a weekly 15 minute recorded video, downloadable instructions for DIY instruments, coloring pages and crafts.  We will also reach out to each family to touch base on how things are going. Registration for all of the classes is $150 for the entire family. Sibling fees are being waived for summer. I ask that you register online, choosing the day you'd like to participate in the Zoom. 

All on-site demonstrations are currenlty on hold until further notice.  If you would like to try the program and participate in a FREE summer zoom class, please reserve a spot for your family at 518-461-7744 or email